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Payroll Service Plus

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have direct deposit?

A: Yes. We also have check writing with auto signature, debit card payroll options and check printing at your office.

Q: Can I track salaries to different departments?

A: Yes, we can track departments, cost centers, locations and divisions giving you a complete overview of your labor expense.

Q: Can I import the payroll data into QuickBooks?

A: Yes, with the click of a button you can download a file for importing to QuickBooks.

Q: Can I track sick days and vacation with your service?

A: Absolutely. We can track and accrue sick days, vacation time and personal days. You can adjust the accrual rate for individual employees and set a maximum number of days.

Do you offer additional services?

Additional services that we offer include:

  • Electronic Hire and Onboarding
  • Integrated timekeeping with mobile and/or biometric clock options
  • Online HR self service
  • Employee self service
  • ACA service and end of year 1094/1095 forms
  • Pay as you go workers compensation
How long does it take to setup for our first payroll with Payroll Service Plus?

Our implementation schedule is 5-10 business days after we get completed, signed forms.  The process includes a comprehensive double check of all information and a shadow run of your last payroll processed to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Do you offer tax compliance and payments?

Our full tax service handles all state and federal tax contributions in compliance with IRS and State requirements.  We guarantee timely payment and filings of all forms and cover any penalties that arise from an error on our part.  We provide all end of year W2 and 1099 forms for your employees and contractors.

Can you scale as our business grows?

Our software is built on the latest SQL infrastructure.  It can handle 100,000 employees with multiple pay rates, multiple direct deposit accounts, and a very diverse department/location structure.

How do you handle software or tax updates?

Our online payroll solution is cloud based.  All updates are handled behind the scenes so you will always have the latest technology and tax information in your portal.

What is the timeframe for processing payroll?

You submit your hours online two business days prior to your check date by 3 p.m. pacific time and you will receive an emailed package of reports and pay stubs by end of day.  If you opt for delivery, you will receive a package with reports and payroll checks delivered to you by noon the following day.

Do I have a payroll specialist assigned to my account?

You will have a dedicated account representative.  We operate on the principle that intelligent and competent employees that take responsibility for resolving any issue are the ideal customer service solution.  Familiarity with our accounts means that we generally know our clients by first name and clients can reach their reps by phone, email, or text. 

Payroll Service Plus

Payroll Service Plus