Certified Payroll

Our certified payroll division processes hundreds of certified payroll reports every week for clients in all types of industries.  Take the hassle and cost out of your construction payroll.  Avoid costly audits and held payments by letting our staff manage your rates and reporting.
We can save you time, money and the headaches associated with your certified payroll for as little as $90.00 per week.  Our experts will guide you, manage your rates and shifts to ensure you are in compliance with all requirements.  We will consult and ask questions as necessary to ensure that your certified payroll is in compliance.

Construction Specific Services
• Union reporting
• Certified payroll reporting for all state and federal requirements
• EEO payroll reports
• Accountable plan contribution reports
• OCIP payroll reports
• Unlimited shift definitions to automate pay differentials for any hours or days of operations
• Job cost reports
• Various additional construction payroll reports that typical payroll service companies don't provide

Instant and Accurate
Certified payroll is a matter of reporting the correct wages, time, and taxes by employee and job.  With our solution we will be able to take your payroll/time data and produce the proper forms and reports.  We maintain historic records of your certified payroll needed at different times during the payment process.


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Sample Construction Reports (PDF)
Complete Set of Reports

Sample Certified Report (PDF)
A-1-131 Certified Payroll Report Sample

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